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Quotes Just a quick note on the MG brakes for my 1952 TD, they have made a huge difference in the stopping performance. I can actually apply the brakes when approaching an intersection rather than applying them as I start towards the next intersection. THANKS again for helping keep this vehicle running. I have really had fun with it. Quotes
Bill from Lexington, KY
MG Enthusiast

Quotes Everyone raves about your work. See link below: Quotes
Jon from Redondo Beach, CA
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Normale Enthusiast

Quotes Thanks for your help with my backhoe brake shoe repair. It is a perfect job. I have personally recommended your business to club members. Quotes
Hoosier Vintage Thunderbird Club Member

Quotes Brake Materials & Parts Inc. is the only place I go to get parts for the brakes on my Jeep fleet. A happy customer since 1974 ... They can repair any type of power brake booster that is no longer available. Quotes
Moose from Fort Wayne IN
Professional Mechanic, Fleet Manager and Jeep Enthusiast

Quotes yup i have been dealing with these guys while i was still a kid ... well a little kid. been goin in there with my dad since i was about 6 years old. Quotes
PapsOldDually from
Loyal Customer

Quotes This is the place (IMHO) to get any of your brake part needs. They will make whatever brake lines you want (Including steel braided), in whatever size, and with whatever fittings you can dream up. Scott is very sharp and definately knows what he is doing. I inadvertently showed up during his lunch and he put down his food and made my lines for me while I waited. These guys are top notch! Quotes
Jeep Enthusiast

Quotes My Mustang Mach I brakes stop on a dime and give me change back! They are awesome. THANKS Scott. Quotes
RP from Decatur IN
Autocross Addict

Quotes This is one of the nicest businesses I've dealt with in the old car hobby. Quotes
Frank from New Hampshire
Collector Car Enthusiast

Quotes I just wanted to drop you a line to express the gratitude for placing lining on the set of brake shoes for my old tractor. It is comforting to know of someone like your shop that does such expert work on old parts. This tractor is a 1951 model and I'm very proud of it. THANK YOU again. Quotes
Sheldon from LaFontaine IN
Tractor Enthusiast

Quotes We have been doing business with you for decades. We do all our brake business with you and have recommended you to friends and neighbors. It is a pleasure to do business with a company who remembers who we are and respects our business. Your business is important to us and to all the do-it-yourselfers. THANKS Quotes
Do It Yourselfer
DIY and Loyal Customer