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Enclose a copy inside your package sealed in a plastic bag.

HOW TO PACKAGE Your brake shoes and drums for shipping

Example of How To Package Brake Shoes and Drums for Shipping


Step 1: Individually wrap brake shoes and insert into drum.

Step 2: Tape brake drum to secure brake shoes.

Step 3: Place packing under and around brake drum.

Step 4: Place padding between brake drum layers.


Step 5: Layer brake drums face to face for protection.

Step 6: Place padding at the top and bottom and on all sides of the box.

Step 7: Place your order form in a sealed plastic bag.

Step 8: If convenient include a photo of the contents.


Step 9: If convenient send us an email with your shipment information at [email protected]



  • "Thank You for the excellent quality of work and service. I have owned my TR6 for 34 years. The brake booster performs better than ever and looks great. Highly recommended!"
    Tom H
    Triumph TR6 Owner
  • ""IT STOPS GOOD ... THANKS to Scott for a great rebuild of the brake booster.""
    Jim W of Kennesaw GA
    London Taxi Enthusiast
  • "This is the place (IMHO) to get any of your brake part needs. They will make whatever brake lines you want (Including steel braided), in whatever size, and with whatever fittin..."
    Jeep Enthusiast

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